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I never go out with Ann and Marcy. I never go out with.....
a) they b) them c) her d) hers
Matt is redecorating his house. Matt is redecorating.....
a) him b) her c) its d) it
Alice is painting the walls green. Alice is painting.....green
a) they b) it c) them d) her
Give the oven to Mary. Give the oven to.....
a) she b) her c) hers d) me
Can you find Mike's picture? Can you find.....?
a) you b) them c) him d) it
This present is for George. This present is for.....
a) him b) her c) he d) his
I really like Jessica because she's friendly. I really like.....because she's friendly.
a) she b) hers c) them d) her
Why don't you come with Andy and me? Why don't you come with.....?
a) his b) him c) we d) us
We are reading your book. We are reading.....
a) you b) your c) it d) them
Listen to Virginia! Listen to.....!
a) she b) her c) his d) them
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