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Which biome contains MOSTLY frozen soil called permafrost?
a) Taiga b) Temperate deciduous forest c) Tundra d) Grassland
Which process is the foundation for any food web?
a) Evaporation b) Condensation c) Photosynthesis d) Movement
Meiosis occurs in which animal cells?
a) Muscle b) Sex c) Nerve d) Skin
In what part of the plant does photosynthesis occur?
a) Roots b) Stems c) Leaves d) Flowers
The liver is a(n)
a) tissue b) cell c) system d) organ
Which is NOT a unicellular organism?
a) Amoeba b) Bacteria c) A worm d) Yeast
All arthropods have a hard outer covering that is called
a) a membrane b) endoskeleton c) exoskeleton d) a shell
Which is NOT a step in the scientific method?
a) State a problem b) Research c) Construct a graph d) State a conclusion
The process of plant releasing the energy stored in the product of photosynthesis for use in cells is called
a) photosynthesis b) respiration c) light reactions d) diffusion
A hawk would be classified as a
a) First order consumers b) Second order consumer c) Decomposers d) Producers
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