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A 17 syllable unrhymed poem with a 5-7-5 pattern originally a Japanese form.
a) haiku b) limerick c) free verse d) ballad
a 5 line, rhymed (AABBA), rhythmic poem, usually humorous
a) limerick b) ballad c) free verse d) haiku
a songlike narrative poem, usually featuring rhyme, rhythm, and refrain
a) ballad b) free verse c) haiku d) limerick
poetry with neither meter nor rhyme scheme
a) free verse b) ballad c) haiku d) limerick
recurring identicalor similar final word sounds
a) rhyme b) rhythm c) alliteration d) onomatopoeia
the recurring pattern of strong and weak syllabic stresses
a) rhythm b) rhyme c) repetition d) alliteration
the repeated use of sounds, words, or ideas for effect or emphasis
a) repetition b) alliteration c) onomatopoeia d) rhyme
repetition of initial sounds (picked a peck of pickled peppers)
a) alliteration b) onomatopoeia c) rhythm d) rhyme
The use of a word whose sound suggests its meaing (buzz, pow)
a) onomatopoeia b) alliteraion c) rhythm d) repetition
A poem that tells a story and often contains a refrain.
a) alliteration b) ballad c) onomatopoeia d) rhyme
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