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The data information and chart are on the same sheet
a) bar chart b) chart sheet c) pie chart d) embedded chart
A sheet that contains only the chart and no worksheet cells
a) chart sheet b) bar chart c) pie chart d) embedded chart
A column chart turned on its side
a) pie chart b) embedded chart c) bar chart d) line chart
The key on a chart
a) worksheet b) legend c) formula d) workbook
A collection of formats for text, colors, images, and effects applied to a workbook
a) color chart b) rotating text c) embedded chart d) theme
Changing text so it can be read top to bottom or sideways
a) rotating text b) adjacent text c) embedded text d) sliding text
Type of chart that shows data as a percentage of a whole
a) bar chart b) line chart c) embedded chart d) pie chart
Type of chart that displays data in a column
a) bar chart b) embedded chart c) column chart d) pie chart
A chart that shows information on a line
a) bar chart b) embedded chart c) column chart d) line chart
The axis that goes up and down on a graph
a) horizontal axis b) circular axis c) vertical axis d) square axis
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