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The ingredients needed for photosynthesis includes:
a) sunlight, CO2, H2O, and chlorophyll b) CO2 and H2O c) sunlight and chlorophyll d) sugar and oxygen
The water gets into a plant through the....?
a) roots b) leaves c) stoma d) flower
The root word synthesis means....
a) producer b) consumer c) food d) to put together
What living things make food from sunlight?
a) consumers b) parasites c) decomposers d) producers
The carbon dioxide gets into the plant through the .....?
a) leaves b) roots c) stoma d) flower
Photosynthesis is important because....
a) plants need air to breathe b) it makes the plant green c) it is the how plants make their own food d) without it everything would be great!
The products of photosynthesis are...
a) water and sugar b) CO 2 and sugar c) O2 and sugar d) water and O2
An organism that needs to get their energy from food is called....?
a) heterotroph b) autotroph c) synthesized d) animal
The prefix photo means....?
a) picture b) light c) capture d) plant
What molecule splits and joins another to form sugar?
a) CO2 b) chlorophyll c) water d) light energy
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