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French explorer who reached the mouth of the Mississippi River in 1682 and claimed the Mississippi River valley for France.
a) Robert LaSalle b) Christopher Columbus c) Henry Hudson d) Francisco Coronado
English explorer who searched for a Northwest Passage through North America.
a) Francisco Coronado b) Robert LaSalle c) Henry Hudson d) Juan Ponce de Leon
Spanish explorer of the American Southwest from 1540-1542
a) Christopher Columbus b) Hernando Cortes c) Sir Walter Raleigh d) Francisco Coronado
Spanish explorer who reached Florida (looking for the Fountain of Youth)
a) Sir Walter Raleigh b) Juan Ponce de Leon c) Robert LaSalle d) Christopher Columbus
English explorer and soldier who started two unsuccessful colonies at Roanoke Island.
a) Sir Walter Raleigh b) Robert LaSalle c) Christopher Columbus d) Hernando Cortes
Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztec in 1521. He founded Mexico City.
a) Francisco Coronado b) Christopher Columbus c) Sir Walter Raleigh d) Hernando Cortes
Portuguese explorer sailing for Spain who led the first known voyage around the world.
a) Christopher Columbus b) Hernando Cortes c) Henry Hudson d) Ferdinand Magellan
Italian sea captain and explorer sailing under the flag of Spain, who reached the Americas in 1492 in search of a sea route to Asia
a) Christopher Columbus b) Hernando Cortes c) Henry Hudson d) Ferdinand Magellan
What happened to the colonies at Roanoke?
a) Nobody knows b) what colonies c) where's that d) Roanoke who
What word was on the fence post at Roanoke?
a) Hello b) Croatoan c) Raleigh d) Mississippi
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