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Who did we get the Philippines from?
a) Great Britain b) France c) Spain d) Japan
What was Spain's response to the letter published by William Randolph Hearst?
a) They declared war on the U.S. b) They left Cuba c) They invaded Florida d) They blew up the U.S.S. Maine
What term would describe the type of writing done by William Hearst?
a) Yellow Journalism b) Muckraking c) Tabloids d) Troublemaker
What was the name given to Teddy Roosevelt's group of troops in Cuba?
a) The Cowboys b) The Rough Riders c) The Rough and Ready Boys d) The Outdoorsmen
Who started building the Panama Canal, before the U.S.?
a) Spain b) France c) Columbia d) Great Britain
Which former Spanish colony does the U.S. still own?
a) Puerto Rico b) Cuba c) Philippines d) Dominican Republic
Who was the leader of the Filipino independence movement?
a) Francisco Franco b) Felix Mendelssohn c) Fidel Castro d) Emilio Aguinaldo
After which war did the U.S. give the Philippines their independence?
a) WWII b) WWI c) Spanish-American d) Vietnam
Which country did Panama break away from?
a) Guatemala b) Ecuador c) Columbia d) Brazil
Why did the queen of Hawaii give up her throne?
a) She didn't want to be in charge anymore b) She wanted to avoid a bloody battle c) She was afraid of the U.S. military d) She didn't care about her people anymore
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