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A cuckold is...
a) a man whose wife has cheated on him b) Lancelot c) a Medieval horse d) the perfect example of something
Galahad was the paragon of virtue so...
a) he was the perfect knight b) All of these c) he was able to sit in the special seat at the round table d) he was able to obtain the Holy Grail
Which of the items below will let me know something is a myth
a) quest b) gods c) knights d) wizard
Geoffery Monmouth wrote the first version of King Arthur to be about
a) the knights of the round table b) Love c) The brave warrior king of Britian d) Lancelot and Guineveres love
Who finally wrote the King Arthur story in English
a) Chretian de Troyes b) Geoffery Monmouth c) Alfred Tennyson d) Sir Thomas Malory
The Saxons were...
a) barbaric invaders from Europe b) Roman ambassadors c) native fighters of Britain and Scotland d) peaceful people with strong calvary skills
A good Knight
a) keeps all promises b) all of these c) remains loyal to his ruler d) shows courtly love
For Courly Love
a) two memebers of the court will get married, like Lancelot and Elaine b) two religions come together c) a marriage is arranged d) a knight will lay down his life for his noble lady
King Uther was able to get Igraine by...
a) Using magic to disguise himself b) All of these c) Being of the Old Religion d) killing Gorlois
Morgause wanted to curse Guinevere because..
a) she hated Arthur b) she thought Guinevere made a good queen c) If Guinevere had no children, her son would be the next in line for the throne d) she wanted the throne for her husband
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