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a group or set of nine
a) septennial b) heptameter c) ennead d) octave
a speech made by one person
a) monologue b) production c) prediction d) scripture
talking around a subject
a) theogony b) solo c) circumlocution d) monologue
occuring every 7 years
a) octave b) carnival c) ennead d) septennial
the head city or seat of a government
a) valediction b) uniform c) capitol d) corpuscle
a list of all works
a) omnibus b) triumvirate c) scripture d) polygamy
an unattached body cell
a) nonagenarian b) corpuscle c) monologue d) pericardium
an account of the god\'s origins and genealogy
a) demigod b) matron c) theogony d) valediction
causing depression and gloom
a) conspicuous b) enamor c) semiconscious d) dismal
not easy to notice or see
a) inconspicuous b) dismal c) semiconscious d) spectator
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