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Since Joe does not have proof that Mr. Jones was fired from his last job, he makes sure to state to the group at the PTA meeting that he thinks that he was fired from his last job.
a) PNG graphics b) vector graphics c) two tone graphics d) raster grahics
Tom produced a graphic which was placed on billboard with no loss in clarity. This is a characteristic of what type of graphic?
a) bitmap b) vector c) raster d) pixel
Susan is using digital photos, drawings, charts and diagrams to create her presentation. These are referred to as:
a) digital animation b) typographgy c) digital photography d) digital graphics
Jesse is creating a poster for the school play using reds and oranges to evoke emotion. What element of design is he using?
a) color b) texture c) shape d) line
Tim is changing the size, color and placements of components in his project to make his design have a feel of equal distribution. What is he trying to achieve?
a) balance b) shape c) emphasis d) contrast
Images that are blurry or pixilated in appearance have a characteristic of what type of resolution?
a) high resolution b) vector resolution c) selected resolution d) low resolution
Which editing technique allows the user to adjust red eye or tint in an image?
a) adjustment layer b) scaling c) cropping d) color correction
Which editing technique allows the user to make an image larger or smaller in size?
a) layering b) selecting c) scaling d) saving
Which of the following file formats is preferred for photographic images and pictures on the Internet?
a) JPEG b) TIFF c) TGA d) PSD
Which of the following is a type of equipment that could be used in digital graphics?
a) headphones b) tripod c) scanner d) microphone
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