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Where you make your meals
a) cuarto de bano b) cocina c) toalla d) tenedor
The "parte de la casa" where you sleep.
a) carro b) televisor c) cocina d) dormitorio
Where you store your bike
a) garaje b) comedor c) cuarto de bano d) radio
Many homes in one building
a) casa b) apartamento c) salon d) mesa
What you use to eat soup
a) comedor b) tenedor c) cuchara d) cuchillo
The bathroom
a) jabon b) mesa c) garaje d) cuarto de bano
Where you would talk with guests who come to your home.
a) salon b) plato c) cuarto de bano d) garaje
Where you would place a sofa in your house
a) bano b) garaje c) comedor d) salon
What you sit on AND eat on.
a) silla AND tendor b) silla AND mesa c) mesa AND radio d) mesa AND carro
"Tres" possible tems found in a "dormitorio".
a) lampara, cama, tenedor b) lampara, cama, televisor c) carro, garaje, jabon d) cama, radio, plato
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