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"I felt embarrassed, planting so much ground. No one elses garden was a quarter the size of ours." This sentence suggests the narrator is
a) conscientious b) lazy c) shy d) greedy
Whcih phrase best describes the Virgil's feelings for his father at the end?
a) love and adoration b) jubilation and excitement c) anger and pity d) carefree andrelaxed
This vignette about baby lettuce is told from the point of view of
a) Virgil b) Father c) Fleischman d) Mrs. Fleck
"Then I whispered, "Save our lettuce" to the girl." The narrator is expressing feelings of
a) The narrator is expressing feelings of despair b) The narrator is expressing feelings of happiness c) The narrator is expressing feelings of regret d) The narrator is expressing feelings of anger
Which happens before the leaves shriveled and turned yellow?
a) Virgil washed the seeds out of the rows he planted them in b) Bugs started eating big holes in the baby lettuce c) The groundhog ate the lettuce d) Mrs. Fleck sprayed insecticide
Seedfolks is written in what format?
a) prose b) poetry c) vignettes d) narrative
Seedfolks is written by
a) Gary Paulsen b) Paul Fleishman c) Jerry Spinelli d) S. E. Hinton
The first story told in Seefolks was
a) Kim b) Anna c) Wendell d) Virgil
The connection between the characters is
a) their ethnicity b) their religion c) the lot and garden d) where they shop
Between each vignette, all these happen EXCEPT
a) the time changes b) the narrator changes c) the mood changes d) the neighborhood changes
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