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She's angry because her sister got an ipad and she just got a mobile. She is ... person I know.
a) more jealous b) jealouser c) the most jealous d) the jealousest
They are not unfriendly, they don't talk much because they are ... you.
a) shier b) shiest c) the shiest d) shier than
Fruit and vegetables are ... sweet and crisps.
a) healthier than b) the most healthy c) the healthiest d) more healthier
I don't want an encyclopaedia for my birthday. It's ... present ever.
a) more disappointing b) most disappointing c) disappointingest d) the most disappointing
The sound is too low. Can you make it ...?
a) highest b) the highest c) higher d) more high
Ellie is 22 and Shopie is 20, so Sophie is ...
a) younger b) younger than c) more young d) more younger than
The other players were impressive. We played well but we were ... them.
a) less skillful b) skillfullest c) the most skillful d) less skillful than
This pizza is delicious and this cake too. I mean, the pizza is ... the cake.
a) more delicious than b) as delicious as c) as deliciouser as d) the most delicious
I haven't got much money, so I prefer to buy the red dress because it is ... the blue one.
a) more expensive than b) cheaper than c) more cheap than d) the most expensive
This film makes me cry, it's ... film I know.
a) the most saddest b) the most sad c) the sadest d) the saddest
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