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adjust or to change the use of something
a) voluntary b) erosion c) adapt d) dormant
a system containing all living and non-living things in an area
a) ecosystem b) dormant c) adapt d) weathering
to do something willingly or on your own
a) involuntary b) voluntary c) consumer d) erosion
a user of something
a) producer b) involuntary c) ecosystem d) consumer
to produce or make something
a) consumer b) weathering c) producer d) dormant
to break down a rock into smaller particles
a) weathering b) deficiency c) ersosion d) adapt
to lack something
a) deficiency b) involuntary c) consumer d) adapt
to transport weathered materials to another place
a) voluntary b) weathering c) erosion d) producer
not active
a) adapt b) involuntary c) consumer d) dormant
to do something unwillingly or not on your own
a) voluntary b) involuntary c) dormant d) adapt
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