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Haitian independence from France was actually achieved under ___, who wound up changing the name to Haiti.
a) Toussaint L'Overture b) San Martin c) Jean Jacques Dessalines d) Simon Bolivar
In Latin American colonies, who were the people born in Latin America with European parents?
a) Peninsulares b) Creoles c) Mestizos d) Mulattos
San Martin and Simon Bolivar eventually combined their troops and formed the country of
a) Saint Domingue b) El Salvador c) United Provinces of Central America d) Gran Columbia
Who were the 19th century thinkers who wanted more power for Parliament, but only for the upper class?
a) Bourgeoisie b) Proletariate c) Conservatives d) Liberals
Which years are important to France because they both represent dates of the French Republics?
a) 1789, 1815 b) 1792, 1848 c) 1795, 1871 d) 1815, 1852
What was the Russian policy of persecuting anyone who doesn't fit the definition of an official Russian?
a) Russification b) Doctrine of Official Nationality c) Russian Orthodoxy d) Russianism
Who was the Austrian Emperor who decided to split the Austrian Empire into Austria Hungary to appease the different ethnic groups in the area?
a) Franz Ferdinand b) Otto Von Bismark c) Wilhelm II d) Franz Joseph
What group did the Ottomans pick on to massacre in the 1890s and again in 1915?
a) Croatians b) Armenians c) Slavics d) Jews
What year marks a great population boom in Europe?
a) 1648 b) 1700 c) 1730 d) 1750
Who was known as the father of the Factory System?
a) James Watt b) Samuel Crompton c) Richard Arkwright d) Henry Cort
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