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Which branch does the President's Cabinet belong to?
a) Executive b) Judicial c) Legislative d) Senate
Which of the following is NOT a branch of government
a) Executive b) Legislative c) Senate d) Judicial
Who is included in the Executive branch?
a) President, Vice-president, and the Cabinet b) Senate and House of Representatives c) Court System d) Governors and Mayors
What is the function of the Judicial Branch?
a) Interpret laws b) enforce laws c) make laws d) write the Bill of Rights
Which branch do the Senate and the House of Representatives belong to?
a) Legislative b) Executive c) Judicial d) Constitution
Which branch makes the laws?
a) Legislative b) Executive c) Bill of Rights d) Judicial
What is the fuction of the Executive Branch?
a) Enforces laws b) interpret laws c) make laws d) delete laws
What is the function of the Legislative Branch?
a) enforce laws b) make laws c) interpret laws d) delete laws
Which branch includes the court system?
a) Judicial b) Executive c) Legislative d) Constitution
Which branch of government enforces the laws?
a) Executive b) Legislative c) Judicial d) Senate
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