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Man who designed the first shoe-lasting machine
a) John D. Rockefeller b) Robert Fulton c) Jan Ernst Matzeliger d) Garrett Morgan
Robert Fulton's 1st successful steamboat
a) Clementine b) Clarence c) Clancy d) Clermont
This was invented by Henry Ford and was a method of production where each worker has his own special job to do.
a) assembly line b) immigrant c) industry d) pony express
This began in St. Joseph, MO, and ended in Sacramento, CA.
a) Transcontinental Railroad b) 1st airplane flight c) Morse code d) Pony Express
This is where Thomas Edison's factory was.
a) Menlo Park, NJ b) Kittyhawk, NC c) Sacramento, CA d) St. Joseph, MO
Brothers who built and flew the first successful airplane
a) Orville and Wilbur Redenbacher b) Orville and Wilbur Wright c) Orville and Wilbur Wrong d) Orville and Wilbur Fulton
This machine sent messages over long distance through wire by electricity
a) Telephone b) Phonograph c) Telegraph d) Assembly Line
This is where the Wright brothers made their first successful airplane flight.
a) Kitty Hawk, NC b) Menlo Park, NJ c) Sacramento, CA d) St. Joseph, MO
This was a system of short and long dots and dashes to be clicked over telegraph wires.
a) Assembly line b) Telegraph c) Phonograph d) Morse Code
This was the car created by Henry Ford
a) T-Bird b) Model T c) Model D d) D-Bird
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