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What is a formal church ritual?
a) abbpt b) serf c) sacrament d) homage
Who led the defense of Tours
a) Charles Martel b) Pope Innocent III c) Henry IV d) Otto the Great
Who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor?
a) Otto the Great b) Henry IV c) Pope Innocent III d) Thomas a Beckett
Who opposed the Albigensians
a) Pope Innocent III b) Pope Benedict c) Charles Martel d) Charlemagne
Term derived from the Latin for middle and age
a) abbott b) abbess c) medieval d) homage
Name for Anglo-Saxon lands
a) Germany b) Ireland c) France d) England
These were the people who were bound to the manor
a) abbots b) serfs c) lords d) knights
He was the archbishop who opposed Henry II
a) Thomas a Beckett b) Henry IV c) Charlemagne d) Monte Cassino
He crossed the mountains to seek a papal pardon
a) Thomas a Beckett b) Charles Martel c) Henry IV d) Charlemagne
He was the head of a monastery
a) Abbot b) Abbess c) Squire d) friar
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