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The Arabic camel nomads were referred to as
a) Hashim b) Bedouin c) Ayan d) Mawali
The political and theological faction within Islam that recognized only Ali and the descendants of the family of Muhammad as rightful rulers were called
a) Sufis b) Kharij c) Shi\'is d) Sunnis
Islam is
a) Monotheistic b) Pantheistic c) Deism d) Polytheistic
Fasting during Ramadan helps Muslims
a) focus attention on moral and religious concerns and thus develop spiritual fortitude b) become more aware of their own mortality c) gain insight into the situations of less fortunate people d) All of the choices
What do Muslims believe happens when one chooses to live an evil life and doesn’t repent?
a) Allah loves everyone and forgives everyone, so they will enter Paradise b) they are reincarnated c) their soul will be sent to Hell d) they spend three years in Purgatory
Muslims pray when they want to
a) True b) Flase c) d)
Muslims believe that Muhammad ascended to Heaven.
a) True b) False c) d)
Women have NO rights in Islam.
a) True b) False c) d)
What are the two main divisions in the Islamic faith?
a) Sunni and Shi'ia b) Reform and Conservative c) Sunni and Sufi d) Orthodox and Conservative
What percentage is the Muslim obligation to alms?
a) 1 b) 10 c) 5 d) 2.5
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