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After eight weeks the developing human is called a(n)
a) fetus b) zygote c) embryo d) infant
The process of ovulation in humans
a) begins at puberty b) occurs several times a month c) moves an egg from the uterus to the ovary d) removes an unfertilized egg from the female's body
Infertility can be caused by all of the following EXCEPT
a) ectopic pregnancies b) low sperm count c) STD (sexually transmitted disease) d) inablity to ovulate
Around the beginning of the fourth week, a developing human has
a) a beating heart b) nostrils c) fingers and toes d) eyelids and flutters
Where does the fetus develop?
a) uterus b) ovaries c) testies d) stomach
The regulation of sexual reproductive cycles of males is regulated by which hormone?
a) testosterone b) insulin c) progesterone d) estrogen
Testes are able to produce
a) sperm cells b) eggs c) body cells involved in the formation of embryos d) gametes with a large food supply
Smoking and use of alcohol thoughout pregnancy increases the chance of
a) a baby being born with medical problems b) twins c) baby being born with a viral infection d) the birth of a female
When pregnant, any toxins a woman ingests may
a) diffuse from the mother's blood to the embryo's blood through the placenta b) enter the embryo as it eats c) not effect the developing fetus d) enter through the mother's naval
Why are sperm produced in a sac that hangs from the body?
a) normal body temperture is too warm for proper development b) they are less likely to be crushed c) it is easier for the body to regulate thier production d) the scrotum is 3 degrees warmer
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