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What kind of environment is described when the concentration of dissolved substance is greater outside the cell than inside?
a) hypotonic b) hypertonic c) isotonic d) saline
Osmosis is defined how?
a) as an active process b) as diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane c) as an example of facilitated diffusion d) as requiring a transport protein
An amoeba ingests large food particles by
a) osmosis b) diffusion c) endocytosis d) exocytosis
Which type of cellular transport requires energy?
a) passive b) osmosis c) diffusion d) active
Sprinkling sugar on a bowl of strawberries creates a ________ solution surrounding the strawberries.
a) hypertonic b) hypotonic c) isotonic d) equal
Which of the following is a transport protein that provides a tubelike opening in the plasma membrane through which particles can diffuse?
a) carrier protein b) endocytosis protein c) channel protein d) exocytosis protein
Particle movement from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration is known as
a) active transport b) passive transport c) endocytosis d) exocytosis
Particle movement from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration is the definition of which term?
a) active transport b) diffusion c) passive transport d) osmosis
____________ is a form of passive transport that uses transport proteins.
a) diffusion b) endocytosis c) osmosis d) facilitated diffusion
Which of the following solutions causes a cell to swell?
a) hypertonic b) hypotonic c) isotonic d) equalized
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