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Bobby smith and rachel andrews are in the same class.
a) Smith b) smith and Rachel andrews c) smith and rachel Andrews d) Smith and Rachel Andrews
The principal of their school is mr. weley schmidt.
a) Mr. Weley b) Mr. c) Mr. Weley Schmidt d) Mr. Schmidt
esther gonzalez has an aunt who is an astronaut.
a) Esther Gonzalez b) Aunt c) Astronaut d) Esther
Her aunt is lieutenant colonel Eleanor Cunningham.
a) Aunt b) Lieutenant, Colonel c) Colonel d) none
Scott Yochim told us his father is a captain in the fire department.
a) none b) Captain c) Fire Department d) yochim
Do you know governor jordan of South Dakota?
a) Governor b) Jordan c) Governor Jordan d) Governor, Jordan
On Friday, the class is going to judge sanchez's courtroom.
a) Judge b) Sanchez's Courtroom c) Judge, Sanchez's d) none
Would you like Ms. harrison's chart, doctor?
a) Harrison's chart, Doctor? b) Doctor c) Harrison's chart, doctor? d) Harrison's
Hey, dad, remember that I have football practice after school today.
a) School b) none c) Dad d) Football practice
grandma and grandpa always take me to a movie for my birthday.
a) Grandma and grandpa b) none c) Birthday d) Grandma and Grandpa
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