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Used when something is mailed along with a letter, usually below the reference initials
a) Attachment/Enclosure b) Copy c) Addition d) Attention
Current date written out as month, day, and complete year
a) Inside Address b) Salutation c) Complimentary Closing d) Date Line
: the initials of the person who wrote the letter, followed by a slash, followed by the initials of the person who typed the letter
a) Inside Address b) Writer's Identification c) Signature d) Reference Initials
Name and address of the business to whom you are writing
a) Inside Address b) Return Address c) Writer's Identification d) Signature
Writer’s typed name and title (if applicable)
a) Signature b) Writer's Identification c) Inside Address d) Reference Initials
Letter’s greeting – you use the same name you used in the Inside Address – using Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss
a) Salutation b) Complimentary Closing c) Body d) Signature
Writer's handwritten signature
a) Reference Initials b) Signature c) Writer's Identification d) Salutation
Message of letter
a) Salutation b) Paragraphs c) Body d) Complimentary Closing
Letter’s goodbye – using phrases such as Yours truly and Sincerely yours
a) Body b) Salutation c) Writer's Identification d) Complimentary Closing
Which statement is NOT true?
a) Mixed punctuation means there will be a colon after the salutation and a comma after the closing. b) Block format means all lines in a letter begin at the left margin c) Open punctuation means there will be NO punctuation after the salutation or the closing d) Semi-block format means the date, closing, & writer's identification begin at midpoint or right side
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