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Heartened or inspired; uplifted
a) buoyed b) reclining c) mussed d) deportations
Leaning back
a) plaited b) anticipated c) reclining d) mussed
Rush down in large amounts
a) valise b) drowsy c) cascade d) marveled
Was in a state of gloomy, serious thought
a) brooded b) renegades c) taut d) gingerly
Lawful removal of illegal immigrants
a) suppleness b) plaited c) mussed d) deportations
With great care or caution
a) gingerly b) cot c) mussed d) riveted
Tending towards extreme or excessive spending
a) buoyed b) riveted c) cot d) extravagent
A light, portable bed
a) plaited b) cot c) taut d) valise
Looked forward to; expected
a) anticipated b) riveted c) serenaded d) marveled
a) mussed b) valise c) plaited d) extravagant
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