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A form used to apply for a job.
a) Benefits b) Career c) Experience d) Application
A profession for which one trains; a job.
a) goal b) wages c) career d) experience
Knowledge or skill one gets from doing, feeling, or seeing something
a) Experience b) Goal c) Occupation d) Job
Aim or purpose; the end towards effort is directed
a) Career b) Wages c) Employer d) Goal
Things empolyers offer their employs in addition to wages.
a) salary b) resume c) benefits d) experience
An ability or characteristic that makes you suitable for a paticular job.
a) Goal b) Qualification c) Career d) Exoerience
A person willing to praise you when you are applying for a job.
a) Reference b) Resume c) Qualification d) Employer
Written information of your qualifications of a job
a) Reference b) Resume c) Employer d) Employee
The ability to do a job well
a) Qualifiction b) Wage c) Salary d) Skill
The amount of money taken from your paycheck.
a) wages b) deduction c) salary d) monthly
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