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The dog cheered as his owner came home.
a) Personification b) Metaphor c) Analogy d) Hyperbole
Music is a heartbeat.
a) Simile b) Metaphor c) Onomatopoeia d) Personification
The rope curled like a snake.
a) Metaphor b) Hyperbole c) Simile d) Personification
Doctor is to thermometer as author is to pen
a) Simile b) Personification c) Onomatopoeia d) Analogy
This class is a thousand hours.
a) Simile b) Hyperbole c) Metaphor d) Analogy
The book is as tall as me.
a) Hyperbole b) Metaphor c) Personification d) Onomatopoeia
The chalk screeched on the chalkboard.
a) Personification b) Onomatopoeia c) Simile d) Metaphor
Night is to day as salt is to pepper
a) Personification b) Simile c) Onomatopoeia d) Analogy
The phone screamed.
a) Metaphor b) Analogy c) Personification d) Simile
Reading is like watching a movie in your head.
a) Simile b) Metaphor c) Analogy d) Hyperbole
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