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What is the shortcut for going up one page?
a) ctrl + pg. down b) caps lock + enter c) pg. up + ctrl d) pg. up
What is the mode called when you replace existing text?
a) replacing mode b) insert c) overtype d) texting
If you click how many times the whole paragraph will be highlighted?
a) once b) how many ever times I want c) three times d) twice
The Smart Tag displays:
a) the file menu b) the menu bar c) a previously saved document d) options when you click it
Normal view:
a) shows the view of what the document will look like when it will be printed b) shows text without displaying space for margins or other supplemental text. c) specifies the magnification percentage of how your document appears onscreen. d) displays the document for the entire screen.
What does Shift + arrow do?
a) Highlights/selects a letter b) Highlights/selects the document c) Highlights/selects the sentence d) Highlights/selects the word
What is the process of displaying a previously saved document?
a) Saving b) Formatting c) Opening d) Viewing
What key do you press to go to the beginning of the line?
a) End key b) Home c) Control+Home d) Control+End
This feature helps you complete text that you start to type.
a) Auto Complete b) Typing c) Overtype d) Smart Tag
This is the space in the left margin area where you see a right-pointing arrow, indicating that you can make a selection.
a) Selecting b) Highlighting c) Selection bar d) Scrolling bar
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