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Which country does not contain any of the Andes Mountains?
a) Chili b) Columbia c) Bolivia d) Uruguay
Which country contains most of the Amazon River?
a) Brazil b) Argentina c) Peru d) Venezuela
Where is the Atacama Desert?
a) In the Andes Mountains b) The southern tip of South America c) On the equator d) In the Brazilian rainforest
What is the capital of Paraguay?
a) Ausuncion b) Georgetown c) Bogota d) La Paz
In South America, are there more countries north of Bolivia, or south of Bolivia?
a) north b) both c) neither d) south
What is the capital of Ecuador?
a) Quito b) Montevideo c) Caracas d) Lima
Which counrty is not in South America?
a) Guyana b) Suriname c) French Guiana d) Guinnea
How many countries do the Andes Mountains run through?
a) One b) Three c) Four d) More than five
What is the capital of Brazil?
a) Rio De Janeiro b) Manaus c) Recife d) Brazilia
Of the countries listed below, which one is located the farthest west.
a) Bolivia b) Chili c) Brazil d) Peru
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