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Largest type of volcano; produced gentle eruptions.
a) Shield b) Cinder cone c) Composite cone d)
This type of volcanic hazard is the fastest moving.
a) ash b) mudflow c) pyroclastic flow d) lava
Ash from a volcano is the same as that from your backyard barbecue.
a) False b) True c) d)
Also known as lahar.
a) mudflow b) pyroclastic flow c) ash d) lava
The smallest type of volcano; usually only erupts once.
a) Cinder cone b) Composite cone c) Shield d)
Lava is magma found
a) inside of Earth b) above Earth's surface c) both inside Earth and above its surface d) none of the answers are correct
Also known as a stratovolcano.
a) Composite cone b) Cinder cone c) Shield d)
Yellowstone National Park sits above a hot spot which could produce a volcanic eruption.
a) True b) False c) d)
Eruption of this volcano produced the largest landslide in recorded history.
a) Mt. St. Helens b) Krakatoa c) Yellowstone d)
Volcanic ash can
a) cause buildings to collapse b) cause planes to malfunction c) work like cement to drown you from the inside out d) All answers are correct
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