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You lift a book 1 meter off your table. How would the amount of work you do change if you lift the book 3 meters off the table instead?
a) work is cut in 1/3 b) work is tripled c) work is cut in 1/2 d) work is doubled
Work and energy are measured in
a) joules b) newtons c) watts d) kilograms
If you push against an object and it doesn’t move, no work is being done on that object.
a) True b) False c) d)
Which requires more work: lifting a 70-kg sack vertically 2 meters or lifting a 35-kg sack vertically 4 meters? kg sack vertically 4 meters? Which requires more work: lifting a 70-kg sack vertically 2 meters or lifting a 35
a) Both require the same amount of work. b) Lifting the 70 kg sack c) Lifting the 35 kg sack d)
It takes 80 J to push a large box 8 m across a floor. Assuming the push is in the same direction as the move, what is the magnitude of the force on the box?
a) 8 N b) 10 N c) 80 N d) 640 N
The ability to do work.
a) energy b) power c) mechanical advantage d) efficiency
Power is measured in
a) watts b) joules c) newtons d) kilograms
Stored energy.
a) potential energy b) kinetic energy c) d)
Suppose a moving car has 3000 J of kinetic energy. If the car's speed doubles,how much kinetic energy will it then have?
a) 12000 J b) 6000 J c) 3000 J d) 1500 J
Power and time are _________________ related.
a) indirectly b) directly c) not d)
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