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When a person strikes a match, mechanical energy is converted into what?
a) solar energy b) thermal engery c) electrical energy d)
This is the source of most of the Earth's energy resources:
a) the ocean b) the atmosphere c) the sun d)
The heating of the Earth's surface is called:
a) radiation b) convection c) fission d)
The process of warm air rising and turning cooler, then falling is called:
a) rotation b) conduction c) convection d)
Clouds form on which side of the mountain?
a) Leeward b) Windward c) Topward d)
Which is NOT an example of a fossil fuel?
a) petroleum (oil) b) rocks c) natural gas d)
Which is NOT a type of solar radiation?
a) infrared b) visible light c) nuclear d)
The Earth absorbs approximately how much of the sun's incoming energy?
a) 25% b) 50% c) 75% d)
A book sitting on top of a desk is an example of which type of energy?
a) kinetic energy b) electrical energy c) potential energy d)
Riding a bike to school is a great way to:
a) conserve fossil fuels b) waste fossil fuels c) cause air polution d)
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