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matter that sinks to the bottom of water
a) analyze b) limestone c) sediment d) canteen
moving slowly
a) expert b) sluggish c) buoy d) acrobatic
a light weight hat that shields one from the sun
a) pith helmet b) analyze c) expert d) buoy
a small body of water that connects to a larger lake, stream, or river
a) sluggish b) canteen c) lagoon d) analyze
trees that have cones
a) conifers b) canteen c) sediment d) buoy
to examine closely
a) expert b) lagoon c) analyze d) acrobatic
to cause to float
a) buoy b) pith helmet c) limestone d) sediment
a small container for water
a) lagoon b) canteen c) conifer d) sediment
moving in a skilled or difficult way
a) sluggish b) expert c) acrobatic d) buoy
a person who knows alot about something
a) expert b) lagoon c) pith helmet d) canteen
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