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Series of related events
a) plot b) conflict c) exposition d) complication
problem or struggle in a story
a) plot b) complication c) exposition d) conflict
The basic situation, where we are introduced to the caracters and conflicts
a) plot b) internal conflict c) exposition d) climax
struggle that takes place between two characters, a group, or outside force
a) internal conflict b) conflict c) resolution d) external conflict
key scene in the story=intense, terrifying, or exciting moment when emotional involvement is at its greatest
a) flashback b) climax c) flashforward d) foreshadowing
literary device where writers can jump ahead days, years into the future
a) climax b) flashback c) resolution d) flashforward
literary device writers use to show an episode fromt he past
a) resolution b) foreshadowing c) flashback d) denouement
Final part of the story when the struggles are over
a) resolution b) foreshadowing c) exposition d) internal conflict
hints or clues that suggest what is to come in the story
a) resolution b) complication c) foreshadowing d) internal conflict
a struggle that takes place within the character
a) event b) Foreshadowing c) denouement d) internal conflict
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