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The rate at which a solute dissolves in a solvent
a) Tyndall Effect b) distilation c) solubility d) emulsion
a mixture that contains the same properties throughout
a) homogeneous b) plasma c) heterogeneous d) colloid
atoms with either a positive or a negative charge
a) compounds b) neutrons c) ions d) protons
type of colloid created by the dispersion of one liquid into another
a) electrolyte b) solvent c) compound d) emulsion
the larger component of a suspension
a) saturated b) solvent c) mixture d) solute
affects the solubility of a solid into a liquid
a) pressure b) heat c) separating d) freezing
a supersaturated solution has
a) too many protons b) too much solvent c) a proportional amount of solute to solvent d) too much solute
increasing pressure will increase the solubility of a
a) gas b) plasma c) solid d) liquid
pure substances joined by two or more different elements in a chemical bond
a) element b) mixture c) compound d) atom
an example of a physical change
a) baking a cake b) burning wood c) the rusting of metal d) evaporating pure water
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