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What happens to a population when the birthrate exceeds the death rate?
a) decreases b) remains the same c) increases d)
In an energy pyramid, where would you find the most energy?
a) top b) middle c) bottom d)
A crocodile eats a fish. This is an example of what kind of relationship?
a) mutualism b) parasitism c) predator/prey d)
Mutualism is two species living together in a relationship in which both benefit. Which pair represents mutualism?
a) mosquito and human b) roundworms and dogs c) Nemo and sea anemone d)
When on species is helped and the other is harmed in a symbiotic relationship, this is called:
a) parasitism b) mutualism c) consumerism d)
What is glucose?
a) salt b) sugar c) carbon d)
Insecticides are intended to kill:
a) humans b) plants c) insects d)
Climate is an important abiotic factor to an ecosystem because it:
a) affects everything that lives there b) it affects the oxygen in the air c) it effects sunglight d)
This term consists of both living and nonliving features in an environment:
a) niche b) habitat c) ecosystem d)
This biome contains permafrost which is really frozen soil:
a) tundra b) rain forest c) taiga d)
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