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Please give one example of input device.
a) Keyboard b) Printer c) Screen d) Microphone
What do we use light pen to do?
a) TO sing b) To design c) To write article d) To communicate with friends
Which device is used to type words
a) Mouse b) Keyboard c) Light pen d) Microphone
How many bottons does a mouse have
a) Four b) Two c) Three d) One
What is the advantage of Lasser printer
a) high speed b) convenient c) light d) savetime
What is the optical mark used for?
a) Print b) type c) clean d) sense marks
What is the advantageof concept keyboard?
a) Higher typing speeds b) light c) correct d) bigger
What do we use the microphone to do?
a) Talk b) play c) write d) listening to music
What's the difference between Web cameras and normal cameras?
a) Bigger b) Faster c) Smaller d) More powerful
What is web cam qualitty measured in
a) pixels b) megaherz c) megabytes d) kilobytes
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