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Allows something to go through it. Example: grass
a) permeable b) impermeable c) saturated zone d) unsaturated zone
Prevents the flow of something. Example: plastic
a) impermeable b) permeable c) saturated zone d) unsaturated zone
A river and all its tributaries make up this.
a) river system b) river c) estuary d) stream
A natural stream of water of considerable volume, larger than a brook or creek.
a) River b) Tributary c) stream d) estuary
Smaller rivers or streams that flow into a larger river or stream.
a) Tributary b) River c) River System d) Estuary
A body of fresh water naturally or man-made found in low lying areas.
a) Pond/lake b) stream c) tributary d) river
Surface water that has seeped down through soil through tiny openings until it reaches a saturated area underground in pores or cracks in rock, sand or soil.
a) Ground Water b) Unsaturated Zone c) Saturated Zone d) Water Table
This is located above the water table. This area can hold more water before it is “full”.
a) Unsaturated Zone b) Saturated Zone c) Permeable Layer d) Impermeable Layer
Below the water table – this is where the ground cannot hold any more water. A puddle is a saturated zone ABOVE the ground.
a) Saturated Zone b) Unsaturated Zone c) Permeable Layer d) Impermeable Layer
Tiny spaces between particles of soil and rock.
a) Pores b) Water Table c) Aquifer d) Sedimentation
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