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The ocean's surface temperatures vary with the time of year (seasons) and...
a) latitude b) longitude c) tides d) moon phases
The measure of the amount of dissolved salts in a given amount of liquid is called....
a) salinity b) desalinization c) the water cycle d) evaporation
To study the ocean floor, scientists use sonar, piloted vessels, robotic vessels, and
a) satellites b) scuba divers c) telescopes d) underwater artists
Which statement is true about the Earth's oceans?
a) They have changed over time. b) They are getting larger. c) They have not changed in 4 billion years. d) They are getting smaller.
This is the area between the continental shelf and continental rise.
a) continental slope b) seamount c) ocean trench d) abyssal plain
This is at the base of the continental slope, and it is made by large piles of sediment.
a) continental rise b) ocean trench c) continental shelf d) seamount
This is the broad, flat part of the deep-ocean basin.
a) abyssal plain b) continental slope c) ocean trench d) continental shelf
This is a volcanic mountain on the sea floor.
a) seamount b) mid-ocean ridge c) ocean trench d) continental rise
This is a mountain chain on the sea floor.
a) mid-ocean ridge b) seamount c) continental slope d) ocean trench
This is a huge crack in the sea floor.
a) ocean trench b) seamount c) continental slope d) mid-ocean ridge
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