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Who was the god of the sky?
a) Horus b) Thoth c) Amon-Ra d) Anubis
This pharaoh built The Great Pyramid of Giza.
a) Anubis b) Ramses II c) Hatshepsut d) Khufu
Who was the first pharaoh? He united Upper and Lower Egypt.
a) Narmer (Menes) b) Osiris c) Ramses II d) Hatshepsut
He was considered the strongest pharaoh.
a) Isis b) Senusret I c) Ramses II d) Narmer (Menes)
He was the King of Gods.
a) Osiris b) Horus c) Amon-Ra d) Thoth
Who was the god of the underworld?
a) Anubis b) Osiris c) Isis d) Senusret I
Who was the god of wisdom and writing?
a) Horus b) Anubis c) Hatshepsut d) Thoth
This pharaoh was a great military leader and master builder.
a) Ramses II b) Thoth c) Narmer (Menes) d) Hatshepsut
She was the first female pharaoh.
a) Hatshepsut b) Ramses II c) Khufu d) Anubis
Who was the god of death and funerals?
a) Osiris b) Khufu c) Anubis d) Thoth
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