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When an animal species no longer exists, this is called:
a) threatened b) deforestation c) extinction d)
When humans intentionally kill animals, destroy forests and pollute, these activities will cause organisms to:
a) increase in number b) stay the same c) become extinct d)
The formula for photosynthesis states that carbon and water, along with sunlight, produce oxygen and what else?
a) nitrogen b) glucose c) hydrogen d)
When an organism changes because of its surroundings, this process is called:
a) development b) response c) adaptation d)
The major characteristic of all natural resources is:
a) they give us energy b) they cannot be recycled c) they are found underground d)
In a food web, when an arrow is pointed at an animal, this represents:
a) who is gaining energy from eating b) the animal is soon to be extinct c) the most popular animal d)
Organisms who adapt better in their environment are more likely to reproduce. This process is called:
a) natural selection b) competition c) overproduction d)
The bottom level of an energy pyramid represents the:
a) decomposers b) first level consumers c) producers d)
The biome that has the largest number of species diversity is the:
a) taiga b) tropical rain forest c) grassland d)
In the symbiotic relationship of parasitism, one species is helped and the other is:
a) improved b) harmed c) not affected at all d)
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