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Which of the following is considered to be a renewable energy source?
a) oil b) coal c) wood d)
In which direction does a continental polar air mass travel across the USA?
a) south to north b) north to south c) east to west d)
Which form of energy comes from non-renewable resources?
a) fossil fuels b) solar power c) hydro-electric power d)
Which source of energy creates the most pollution?
a) solar energy b) geothermal energy c) fossil fuels d)
The Coriolis effect is caused by:
a) Earth's rotation b) gravity c) El NiƱo d)
Which resource is commonly mined Virginia?
a) diamonds b) coal c) gold d)
The Earth\'s rotation is caused by the:
a) Deaver's Effect b) Gravity Effect c) Coriolis Effect d)
The red H on a weather map is a symbol that means:
a) high pressure b) heavy rain c) holding patterns d)
The blue L on a weather map is a symbol that means:
a) lousy weather b) lingering clouds c) low pressure d)
Maritime tropical air masses are usually found in the area of:
a) Colorado b) Florida c) Tennessee d)
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