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Silly Sally sat so sadly by the seashore. This is an example of
a) onomotopoeia b) hyperbole c) alliteration d) metaphor
In the sentence (The fast and furious rocketship rapidly flew to Mars.) the verb is
a) rapidly b) furious c) fast d) flew
The sentence, (Jerry ate like a lion.) This is an example of
a) onomotopoeia b) simile c) hyperbole d) alliteration
"When the lumberjack sawed through the tree trunk, it came down with a loud crash. The word CRASH in this sentence is an example of:
a) simile b) hyperbole c) alliteration d) onomotopoeia
Soldiers are brave people. This is an example of:
a) simile b) onomotopoeia c) opinion d) fact
It was a sunny day, and there wasn't a cloud in the azure sky. In this sentence, the word AZURE probably means.
a) black b) cloudy c) starlight d) blue
Put the correct punctuation mark --- Where can I find the cafeteria ( )
a) ( . ) b) ( , ) c) ( ? ) d) ( ! )
Put the correct punctuation mark --- She's so sweet ( )
a) ( . ) b) ( , ) c) ( ? ) d) ( ! )
Abraham Lincoln's birthday was on February 12 --- This is a
a) opinion b) incomplete sentence c) fact d) hyperbole
Islands of adventure is a blast. The Hulk ride is a fast roller coaster with a steep drop. Dualing Dragons has many twist and turns. You'll love it --- The author's purpose is to
a) inform b) entertain c) persuade d) give you facts
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