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Which of the following is an optical storage device?
a) hard drive b) floppy drive c) USB(Flash) drive d) CD
Th information a computer receives, processes, and stores is called:
a) Keyboarding b) Output c) Data d) Input
Compared to computers of today, computers of the past:
a) Processed data more slowly b) Had more storage capacity c) Were faster d) Were smaller
Which key allows you to select multiple items that are adjacent?
a) Ctrl b) Select c) Tab d) Shift
A 1 or a 0 used to represent computer data (the smallest piece of information a computer understands)
a) pixel b) bit c) byte d) kilobyte
The SPEED of a computer is measured in:
a) bytes b) bits c) points d) hertz
Network that communicates over a large geographical area.
a) LAN b) GUI c) WAN d) CPU
________ are used to organize files
a) windows b) folders c) filenames d) groups
A worm is a type of
a) Virus b) Microprocessor c) Operating System d) Storage Device
Which folder view lets you see a small picture of the file?
a) Thumbnail b) Icon c) Details d) List
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