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Which gas is most prevalent in the earth's atmosphere?
a) nitrogen b) oxygen c) caron dioxide d) argon
Which energy transfer occurs when molecules collide with one another?
a) conduction b) convection c) radiation d) electromagnetic
Which energy transfer takes place through space?
a) radiation b) electromagnetic c) convection d) conduction
Which energy transfer require the movement of liquids or gases?
a) convection b) conduction c) electromagnetic d) radiation
What can gamma rays be used for?
a) surgical procedures b) heat food c) carry signals d) take pictures
What is one cause of global warming?
a) enhanced greenhouse effect b) rising sea levels c) glaciers melting d) water cycle
Grrenhouse gasses include
a) carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, ozone, and nitrous oxide b) nitogen, hydrogen, helium and argon c) cumulus, cirrus, and nimbus clouds d) carbon monoxide, ether, water, and oxygen
Why is the greenhouse effect necessary for life on earth?
a) Keeps the earth warm at night b) It is not necessary for life c) Absorbs pollution d) Causes rain and other precipitation
What is the importance of the ozone layer?
a) Protects organisms on earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation b) Causes rain and other precipitation c) Causes the seasons to change d) Helps us predict weather and natural disasters
Types of radiation include:
a) All of these b) micowaves and radiowaves c) ultraviolet and infrared d) xrays and visble light
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