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An organism classified as an ‘heterotroph’ is one that:
a) manufactures its own food b) orders take-out c) eats others to get food d)
‘Transpiration’ is how a plant
a) returns water to the atmosphere b) grows leaves c) photosynthesizes d)
Through a relationship when both species enhance their survival, growth or benefit it is called:
a) parasitism b) mutualism c) predator d)
In the video a crocodile will allow a bird feed on the leeches attached to its gums, this relationship would be called:
a) parasitism b) predation c) mutualism d)
When you see a diagram the shows grasslands turning into a forest over a long period of time, this is called:
a) succession b) photosynthesis c) symbiosis d)
Burning fossil fuel does what to the atmosphere?
a) creates cloudless skies b) helps with breathing c) increases the amount of carbon in the air d)
A food web shows what about an ecosystem?
a) how energy is transferred b) number of trees c) most popular animal d)
A decomposer in an organism that:
a) produces its own food b) only eats herbivores c) responsible for recycling materials in a ecosystem d)
Carbon dioxide + water = glucose/sugar + oxygen represents what process?
a) succession b) photosynthesis c) transpiration d)
A bunny eating grass is an example of a:
a) primary consumer & secondary consumer b) prey & predator c) consumer and producer d)
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