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Who was sent by Sam Houston to the Alamo to evaluate the situation there in January of 1836?
a) Jim bowie b) Francita Alverez c) Ben Milam d) Stephen F. Austin
Who was known as \
a) Sam Houston b) Stephen F. Austin c) Francita Alvarez d) Jim bowie
Who was the officer elected to replace Edward Burleson as commander of the Texas army?
a) Juan Seguin b) Sam Houston c) Ben Milam d) General Urrea
Texan who lead th charge into San Antonio:
a) Juan Seguin b) Stephen F. Austin c) James \ d) Ben Milam
Who was the first commander of the Texas troops?
a) Stephen F. Austin b) General Urrea c) Francita Alvarez d) Sam Houston
Who became commander of the Texas army after edward Burleson?
a) Juan Seguin b) Stephen F. Austin c) Sam houston d) James \
Who went to Gonzales after the convention of 1836?
a) James \ b) Stephen F. Austin c) Juan Seguin d) Sam Houston
Whick one of Santa Anna\'s Generals is responsible for muliple victories the Tx. Revolution?
a) General Urrea b) Stephen F. Austin c) Sam Houston d) James \
The first presedent of independent Texas is?
a) Ben Milam b) James \ c) Sam Houston d) Stephen F. Austin
Who led the Tejano forces for Texas
a) Jaun Sequin b) Ben Milam c) General Urrea d) Sam Houston
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