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A dome shaped Buddhist shrine built over relics or bones of a holy person
a) Raja b) stupa c) ahimsa d) dharma
Aryan tribal chief in ancient India
a) Raja b) stupa c) jati d) varna
In Buddhism state of oneness with the universe
a) reincarnation b) moksha c) nirvana d) ahimsa
Hindu doctrine on nonviolence toward all living things
a) nirvana b) moksha c) ahimsa d) karma
Hinduism idea of ones actions in life determine one's future
a) karma b) nirvana c) dharma d) varna
Rebirth of the soul or spirit in different bodies over time
a) reincarnation b) karma c) dharma d) nirvana
Duties and rights of members of each class
a) ahimsa b) dharma c) karma d) nirvana
Group based on occupation formed with larger social groups
a) jati b) dharma c) stupa d) ahimsa
One of the four main social classes in Aryan society
a) stupa b) jati c) varna d) epic
Long poem celebrating the deeds of legendary and historical hero
a) Epic b) Varna c) vedas d) stupas
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