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All of the following are examples of chemical changes except...
a) rust forming on an old car b) creating carbon dioxide gas with baking soda and vinegar c) baking a cake d) an apple being cut in half
All of the following are signs of a chemical change except
a) change in state b) change in smell c) change in temperature d) change in volume
The law of conservation of matter states...
a) matter changes states b) atoms are not created or destroyed in a chemical reaction c) new atoms are created in chemical reactions d) atoms are not a part of matter
Anything that has mass and takes up volume is called...
a) density b) buoyancy c) volume d) matter
Liquids often separate into layers when they are mixed due to differences in...
a) density b) color c) mass d) volume
----- is needed to cause materials to change state.
a) energy b) volume c) mass d) density
When a material goes from a solid to a liquid, the atoms...
a) move slower and condense b) are destroyed c) stop moving d) move faster and expand
The building blocks of all matter are called
a) atoms b) chemistry c) states d) molecules
Sodium and chlorine combine to create sodium chloride or table salt. Sodium and chlorine are examples of...
a) reactants b) density c) volume d) products
The amount of matter that is in a specific volume is called
a) mass b) element c) density d) color
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