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The word_______ comes from the Latin word for father.
a) plebeian b) c) republic d) patrician
________ assassinated Julius Caesar.
a) Senators b) c) Tribunes d) Plebeians
Mark Antony formed an alliance with ___________.
a) Cleopatra b) c) Marius d) Romulus
A large area of land is called a_________.
a) Marsh b) c) consul d) Territory
A ___________is a governing body.
a) term b) c) barrier d) senate
Who won the First Punic War?
a) Romans b) c) Republic d) Carthage
In what kind of government do citizens vote to elect representatives?
a) Republic b) c) Trimvirate d) Plebeian
What city was destroyed after the Third Punic War?
a) Carthage b) c) Romans d) Plebeian
What word means rule by three people?
a) Trimvirate b) c) Romans d) Carthage
From the beginning, the Roman Republic depended on its soldiers
a) True b) c) d) False
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