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Information/text arranged in the middle of a cell or page.
a) Right Align b) Left Align c) Center Align d) Justified
The intersection of a row and a column
a) Row b) Cell c) Column d) Text
Information Keyed into a table/cell
a) Body/Entry b) Text c) Cell d) Source
Headings that are centered directly above each column in a table. Column headings are keyed in initial caps, bold, and centered.
a) Column Headings b) Rows c) Cells d) Titles
The vertical arrangment of information in a table
a) Rows b) Columns c) Lines d) Gridlines
The vertical and horizontal lines in a table
a) Gridlines b) Rows c) Table d) Text
The main heading for the table, which is keyed in the center, bold, and all capital letters.
a) Heading b) Main Title c) Source d) Secondary Title
Information enetered into a cell that contains only numbers.
a) Numerical Entry b) Source c) Text Entry d) Table
The horizontal arrangement of information in a table.
a) Rows b) Columns c) Gridlines d) Table
A grid of rows and columns used to display and organize information.
a) Board b) Books c) Cell d) Table
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